10 ways to save your budget!

BUDGET, we all hate the word but we all need one, whether it’s for everyday, business or your all important big day, we all need to know what we can and can’t spend, and here are some ways to make your money go further (without having to go down the DIY road!! Unless you really want to?!)

1. Top Priorities

The Rule of Thirds. Choose the three elements of your wedding that is the most important to you (i.e. the dress, venue and photographer, for example), then allocate a little extra to them in your budget. Then, pick three things that fall low on your priority list (like linens, favours and chair covers), and budget accordingly.

2. The Guest List

Ok, so the hardest thing to cut back on, but one of THE fastest and most effective ways to lower your spending. A little bit of math for you: At £100 a head, taking 10 guests off your guest list will save you a whopping £1000! Make sure you also consider the size of your bridal party: Gifts, hair and makeup are cheaper for two or three than for 10; or better yet, get them to pay for their own hair and makeup!

If you’re having trouble deciding who to cut, set yourself some ground rules and stick to them.

To help you get started, you may want to consider crossing out…

  • Anyone that you’ve never spoken to, met or even heard of,
  • Anyone under 12 years old.
  • Anyone whose bedtime occurs before 9 p.m. Chances are they will miss the cake cutting  and first dance anyway, and definitely won’t be offended if they’re left out.

Finally, Only invite friends’ significant others if the couple in question has been dating for more than a year or are currently living together. Otherwise, it’s okay to say no to plus-ones.


3. Do you really need those pricey extras?

Glamorous details that either one of you are indifferent to, massively bump up your costs without adding any value to your day (I mean come on, do you really need the ice sculpture?). Don’t feel pressured into upgrading and make honest choices based on what you want. Before you sign any contracts, make sure you look through the full details of what you’re buying and, ask yourself, “Will anyone notice if we don’t do this?”

4. Consider Printing Costs

Details that are fun in theory, can actually unnecessary and super expensive in reality (for example, square invites can require extra postage), may need to get scrapped off the todo list. Something even as insignificant as including two shades of ink on your wedding invitation, it might match your color scheme, but, it can massively add to your printing costs.

5. Do you need the big car?

Limo’s might be pretty awesome, but Taxi’s will do just the same job in making sure that your guests get from your ceremony to the reception!

6. Special Effects and Albums?

If you’re happy with simple wedding pictures,make sure you tell your photographer to pass on options like sepia tones, multiple exposures and split frames and just get your photos on a USB.

7. Flowers

Now, I love wedding flowers so by no means I am saying ditch the flowers. Flowers can be known to be an expensive wedding detail. To try and reduce your floral costs, make sure you choose flowers that are in season and if you can try to pick locally grown flowers rather than beautiful blooms that need to be flown in. If not, be bang on trend and go for foliage!


Image via Style Me Pretty


8. Simple foods

You can always reduce the number of overall dinner courses (you don’t need to be serving five individual courses, 2 are often more than enough and 3 can be ample!) and keep the menu simple. Just the same as the flowers, try and stick with local, seasonal ingredients.

9. Bubbles?

Bubbles are bubbles, no-one will ever know if your toast is with Dom Perignon or Tesco’s Finest unless they see the bottle!

10. Do you need all the tiers?

Rather than the 7 tier, beautifully iced cake, ask your baker to do you several sheet cakes of the same flavour and have these ready to cut for your guests; that way you get to have a beautiful cake exactly what you want and within budget without having to triple the size and cost to make sure everyone gets a slice! If you can, try and stay away from handmade sugar flowers or special folded shapes, these can often be what takes the time to create and therefore adds ££ to your bills. Finally, one last tip, choose buttercream over fondant: it’s so much tastier and far less expensive!




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