What Planners Save and Splurge on…

No matter what your Wedding budget there are all things that some people spend and then save on and who better than professional wedding planners to help you get the most out of budget. From linens and lighting to booze and taxis, the experts will tell you exactly where to splurge and save; these are my top 8 saves and splurges…

Splurge On: The Venue

“The venue sets the tone for the entire event,” says Julie Savage-Parekh, founder of Strawberry Milk Events. Spending more money up front on a absolutely amazing wedding venue can literally pay off, I mean, a simply beautiful space may well mean that you don’t have to use nearly as many decorations.


Save On: The Bar

Unless you really really want to, you do not need to have an open bar! Just a simple cocktail on arrival, followed by a glass of prosecco for your toast. Keeping it simple, saves you hassle and money!

Splurge On: Lighting

Something that no-one ever considers… “Lighting is one of the most critical details,” says Lynn Easton, founder and creative director of Easton Events. “There’s no reason to have gorgeous flowers or an amazing tabletop design if no one can really see them! Yes, it can be expensive, but it not only makes the room feel fabulous, your photographs will look amazing!” Whether your are indoors or outdoors, at night or during the day, investing in your lighting will help you create the proper ambience and effect; and therefore the most amazing atmosphere

Save On: The Number of Guests

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it’s quality not quantity when it comes to your guest list, Just think how much nicer your details could be if you opted for a 50 person wedding rather than a 100 person wedding!

Splurge On: Chairs

And I don’t mean Spandex White Chair Covers. Vanessa Van Wieren, founder of Alchemy Fine Events says “If you can only splurge on one thing, make it great chairs for the reception, There’s nothing worse than a venue’s standard ballroom chairs that don’t go with the overall design.” Just have a look and google Ghost Chairs or Limewash Chiavari Chairs, there are so many beautiful options.


Manor Mews (Unique Norfolk Venues) Photo by Assassynation

Save On: Linens

Thankfully some venues include the cost of your linens for you, if they don’t, consider how much of them you will actually see. if you’re having a sit down meal, it’s worth bearing in mind that once you have dressed your table with your flowers/decorations and the caterers have laid them with all the cutlery, crockery and glassware that you need, just how much table cloth is left on show? Rather than going for the more expensive range, it could be worth going for the budget – mid range and save yourself some pennies

Splurge On: Taxi Service

Brian Worley, co-owner of YourWEDDINGS! and YourBASH! says “Even if you have a flawless wedding, your guests will remember waiting in line for 45 minutes at the end of the night to get their cars because you decided to cut costs on the valet service,” If you have a lot of guests that are either drinking and not staying at your venue or even if your venue has limited parking, it is an amazing added extra to provide a taxi service for your guests. Trust me they will love you for it!

Save On: Printing your Timeline

Instead of custom printing your timeline, why not try and print them yourselves or just put it all on one big chalkboard for everyone to see rather than everyone having their own personal print out. Most people don’t tend to keep hold on to their programs, it’s always going to be worth trying less expensive options.


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