Wedding Day Disasters

We’ve all been there, everyone has at least one horror story from a wedding that they’ve been too, some are avoidable and unfortunately some are not so be prepared!


“Crazy winds pulled our reception tent out of the ground and all of the table arrangements fell over. Even our wedding cake blew away!” Claire

Unfortunately there really is nothing we can do about the weather, all you can do is laugh about it and try and ride it through. Whether it means your wedding planner following you around with a giant golfing umbrella while her assistant scopes all your dress up in their arms in the rain or shovelling out paths for you in the snow.



Images by S6 Photography


“Somebody dropped our entire wedding cake on the ground before we even got a chance to taste it. We still don’t know who it was, but it’s funny to laugh about now.” Vineeta

Throughout my years as a wedding planner I can safety say that I have a solid 95% rate of successful weddings, and that unfortunately that 5% where there has been a problem, those problems have been pretty spectacular and always pretty much involved the cake…


One wedding I did, instead of a cake, they decided to have a profiterole tower, being the little piggy that I am, was so excited to see this amazing tower arrive, profiteroles stacked high and covered from top to bottom in white chocolate with beautiful chocolate roses throughout the tower. It looked stunning.

Now the wedding was in a marquee in July, although there was air conditioning, eventually  there was a faint smell of melting chocolate throughout the marquee, despite rearranging the air con units and fans to help keep the tower cool, when we eventually began to cut into it we discovered that it had in fact melted from the inside and in the end the only way to serve the cake was in tea cups with a spoon!

We’ve had another cake that was made by the bride herself, it arrived on the day wrapped tightly in tin foil, after setting it up in the right location, we loosened up the tin foil to make sure it didn’t sweat as again it was a very hot day in a marquee, later on that evening, when cutting it up, we found that sometime during baking and before decoration a good couple of hundred ants had found their way into the cake!

A final cake disaster I’ve encountered involved a lot of pins, now i’m used to a couple of pins, maybe for decoration or to hole ribbon onto the cake for easy removal later, i’m however not used to the entire cake being full with up to around 100 pins pretty much holding the entire cake together! After my head chef not willing to serve the cake to guests, just incase there where more that we hadn’t found, and then telling the Bride, we also discovered that in fact that flavours of the cake where all wrong too!

Just make sure you go with a reputable baker for your big day, ask for recommendations and testimonials to confirm you have made a good choice.

Unruly Guests

Ann in Brighton, East Sussex:

There’s always going to be that one guest, hopefully not a family member and hopefully not to chaotic that you will notice…



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