#TBT: Our 1st trip to White Gallery

It’s that time of year again, this weekend, The Bottom Drawer Bridal team (me, my mum and sister!) will be heading to Battersea Evolution to check out what some of the best Bridal designers have to offer for 2017.

I am unbelievably excited to see our designers and meet new ones, and see all the new gowns, veils, shoes and all the other gorgeous, sparkly new accessories and I can’t wait to pick our new designs, if you have any requests, say now!!

This weeks blog post is looking back at our 1st trip to White Gallery…

We went for opening day, (it was a Sunday, so meant that they didn’t have to take a day off work and I could leave the babies with Mr A) and it was just so exciting and overwhelming just being there, being able to talk to designers, get their help and advise and just be surrounded by such beautiful gowns and accessories made the dream so much more real and confirmed that this was in fact exactly what we want to be doing.

With an idea in our heads of what designers we wanted to talk to, meeting them in person (I’m such a loser fan girl!) and seeing their collections up close was so inspiring and it confirmed 100% that they are the designers we want to work with. (Don’t worry I will reveal who they are to you all very soon, just 1 juicy nugget at a time!)

It was such a fun day and everything I imagined it would be, Beautiful dresses, inspiring people and champagne! What more could you want?!

Fast forward 5 months and here we are, we have had several slight set backs, the 1st property we wanted fell through and funding was delayed 3 times before finally getting the go ahead. We now have lots of beautiful gowns being made ready to come to their new home and we are very excited to be at the gorgeous Oxnead House with The Bottom Drawer Bridal Market next weekend, so do you want to see what award winning designers we are stocking?

Make sure you come and see us and book your appointment for exclusive access to the boutique, our beautiful designer gowns (which are exclusive to Norfolk by the way!) and our wonderful accessories!

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Has it really been a year already and we’ve been open for 2 whole months!

I can’t believe what’s happened in the space of a year, thank you so much for all of your on-going support, I am forever eternally grateful!

See you next week with some gorgeous sneak peaks of whats to come at The Bottom Drawer Bridal over the summer months!


The Bridal Blues…

We’ve all been there, these feelings, often referred to as the “bridal blues” are actually fairly common among newlywed women, and they can often last anywhere from several days to many months. Alison Moir-Smith, MA, a bridal counselor in Brookline, Massachusetts says “A wedding is physically and mentally all-consuming, It’s the focus of your life for a year or more and then it’s over in one night. After such a huge buildup, there’s bound to be a vacuum in your life.”

It’s completely normal to feel sad that your big day is over, especially when many of your friendship circle are still in their planning stage. It’s time to stop feeling down that it’s over, it’s time to look ahead and be excited for your future.



Don’t Rush

While it might be all romantic, heading off on your honeymoon the day after the wedding, a better idea might be to wait for a few days and spend the days in-between with friends and family, maybe a summer BBQ, or family brunch?

Spend that time reminiscing with your guests and relish in your wedding glow, going from being surrounded by your loved ones to being just the two of you can be a bit abrupt and leave you feeling dejected when you should be looking forward to your honeymoon.

This works both ways, don’t come home from your honeymoon and then rush straight back to work, we all know how much going back to work after a holiday sucks, times that feeling by 100, you’ve gone from being the centre of attention on your wedding day, VIP’s on your honeymoon and then back to being just one of the workers within a couple of days, spend some time at home with your new husband, get used to being in your home together as husband and wife, get back to the formalities of life, housework, laundry, shopping etc


When you feel sad, tell your new husband, you never know, he may actually be feeling the same! Sharing your feelings and experiences is only going to bring you closer together.

Have something to look forward to

Before you get to the wedding, make sure that in the weeks after, you plan in some date nights with your new husband, go to the cinema, have dinner out, go for a walk together. During your planning, keep a list of all the things you haven’t been able to do while you’ve been busy with florists, bakers and planners, i.e. dates with friends, time with mum etc. this will give you plenty of things to look forward to and pencil into the diary once the wedding is over.

Get Creative

Don’t just send ‘Thank you’s’ out to your guests, why not take out some time and write a personal message to each of your guests, refer back to your memories of them at the wedding. This will make you feel good, reminiscing over the wedding and the special connections you have with all your guests.

Clear out

Take some time to clear out all wedding related info from the house, the contact lists, vender info, the stacks of magazines, the unused invites etc. It will make you feel better and help you deal with the feelings of it all being over. Focus on how exciting it is to be able to have your gown hanging in your wardrobe rather than hiding it away and that your are now MRS rather than MISS. Focus on the good!

Have some perspective

Yes, your wedding was amazing, and luckily, you have some gorgeous photographs and possibly a wedding video in which you can then relive your special day every once in a while. Take time to remember that your marriage isn’t about the dress, the flowers and all those other little details, that’s your wedding day. Your Marriage is about the man you love, the man you married, the life you’ll build together, the children you may have, the new family you have created and the love you share.


Photos by Heni Fourie Photography

WEDDING PLANNING 101: How to Survive The Big Day!


It’s here, the big day is finally here.

You’ve done all your planning, you’ve collected everything you needed the day before, your dress and accessories are all laid out ready and you and your girls have had a glorious nights sleep (hopefully) and now you are ready to go, your special day has finally arrived.

So here are my tips on surviving the day…

Getting ready…

  1. First things first, make sure you have a good breakfast, something that’s going to keep you going through till the afternoon, porridge maybe, eggs? Chances are you won’t be eating until late afternoon, fainting brides due to hunger isn’t good!
  2. Make sure you have everything for getting ready to hand, you don’t want to keep your hairdresser, make up artists & photographer waiting while you hunt around for your contact lenses, shoes, watch, earrings?!
  3. Stay Calm and
  4. Before you get into your dress, go to the loo! You possibly won’t get another change for quiet some time and it’s a lot easier without the dress!

Heading to the Venue…

  1. Make sure you have everything you need throughout the day with you, if the car you are traveling in will not be the car you travel to your reception in, then make sure someone else has them for you (i.e. shoes to change into, lippy for touch ups, phone if you really need it!)
  2. Have a mad 5 minutes. When you arrive at the ceremony, before you go in, have a mad 5 minutes, whether thats jump around, have a laugh or even stretch it out. It’ll get all the blood flowing and help you release any tension and will help you be nice and calm for your ceremony.
  3. Soak in your ceremony, take deep breaths and take a moment to look around, gaze at your husband (or very soon to be husband) take a look at your loving audience and make sure that memory is forever burned into your brain!

The Reception

  1. Enjoy your food, and if you can’t enjoy it ask your venue/caterers/planner to wrap some up for you to have later, either at home or in your hotel room. You’ll be glad you did.
  2. Be polite, I know its easier said than done but try and make sure you remain polite even when that reception line seems like its never going to end! No one likes an angry bride.
  3. Be sensible with the booze, you’re going to want to remember your day and you’re not going to want to see photos of a unrecognisable drunken bride the next day! Getting hilariously drunk is for your mates wedding! anigif_enhanced-buzz-31804-1388189777-16
  4. Take time with both parents, don’t leave mum out, dance with her too!
  5. Make sure you hit the dance floor, trust me you’ll regret it if you don’t!

The Wedding Night

  1. Relax, if you do you do, if you don’t then thats ok too. You’ve both had a really long day and good cuddle with a great nights sleep with your new husband is just as good, you’ve got plenty of time to consummate your marriage!
  2. Finally remember why you are there. You are both at the start of a wonderful new life, take time to soak that in!







WEDDING PLANNING 101: The Day Before (From The Little Lending Co.)

So yesterday, you organised like your life depended on it, you’ve scheduled the day and everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to be.

One thing that many people don’t consider is the decorating, and how much time it takes to get it all together and actually put it all out and with my background as a wedding planner for many years, these sort of timings don’t come naturally to me, now ask me how long it takes to serve 60 people a 3 course meal and I can tell you almost to the minute; Penny over at The Little Lending Co. however, is going to be your go to girl for styling up and sorting the decor at your venue…

the little lending company

You’ve planned the big day down to the hour and you know exactly when your due to have a glass of fizz in hand and when you’re due to be heading to the dance floor to shake your grove thing…All your suppliers know exactly where they need to be when but have you put as much thought into the day before? It’s worth giving it some or you might find yourself still at the venue when you should be enjoying cocktails with the girls and getting those nails nailed! Hopefully this little guide will leave you with more time to spare to enjoy the build up on your last night as a free woman…

Getting ahead : Be sure to start a list a few weeks before with everything you’ll need at the venue and start allocating helpers; get some muscles around but also maybe a mum with some patience…

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WEDDING PLANNING 101: The day before the day before

So you’re getting married in exactly 2 days time, tomorrow is going to be one of the most hectic and stressful days you will have encountered so today is the day to get your s**t together and organise yourself.

For those of you who know me and have had the pleasure of working with me, you will know I am all about the list, daily to do list, weekly blog list, weekly food plan even my weekly chores get listed, and the day before the day before is no different, the only way to make it through the next 2 days is with a list.

Today is the day where it is all about the organisation, making sure you have got everything ready to make tomorrow as plain sailing as possible.

Create a Timeline.

Do you have things to collect tomorrow? Nail appointments?

Before you start your plan of action for the day, get all the appointments noted down, it is then far easier to plan the rest of your day and work out your best route to all locations without having to double back, pay for more than one parking space etc.

Try and get all your running around done in the morning, you won’t want to get to 4pm and then realise you still have all the shops to hit within an hour.

Delegate running around to as many trusted people as possible, having your nails done? get the boys to collect the suits (make sure they know to check everything before they leave!)

It can be at this point you may well feel that it could of been worth paying the delivery fee! Don’t leave yourself to collect everything, while your items are still in the possession of the vendor, should anything happen during transit they are responsible for fixing it, i.e. if you collect the cake and it falls over on the way to your venue, your baker is not responsible for repairing it, they may well still come and do this for you, but it could come at a cost!


Are you doing your own decorating or is someone doing this for you?

Either way, best way to do this is to organise! Got 10 tables? Get 10 boxes and separate everything into their separate boxes. i.e. all the place names for everyone sitting at table 1, the table numbers, favours, menus etc. all goes into box number 1 and so on. That way, whoever is dressing the table can easily find everything they need and won’t be spending hours looking for Uncle Dave’s place name through 100 ‘s of cards.

This also goes for anything on a cake table, card station, dessert area. Keep it simple, well labeled and them all separated to avoid anyone else getting them wrong.


When the time comes to get yourselves to the venue, make sure you have ALL your paperwork with you, and any last minute questions for your co-ordinator.

They may well have questions for you and it will make your life a whole lot easier if you have it with you rather than stressing that you have to get home and double check.

Also make sure your venue co-ordinator/wedding planner has a copy of all your wedding vendors and their contact details, if your DJ is running late on the day you want them to be ringing the DJ, not calling you while you walk down the aisle!

Some final quick questions?

  • Have you told your bank you’re going away? (avoid having your cards frozen!)
  • Have you told the post office you’re going away? Nothing attracts a burglar more than a big old pile of post at the front door?
  • Arranged care for the Cat and the Dog?
  • Turned your water and heating off? You don’t want to come home to any disasters!

Go through these simple steps and tomorrow (The day before the Big Day!) is going to be a breeze!